Tuesday , August 9 2022

Doctor says that he should rebuild the faces of a lasting female worker last 6 months


It is expected that the surgeries needed to rebuild the 55-year-old Elaine Caparroz face will last six months, according to surgeon Ricardo Cavalcanti Ribeiro of the Casa de Portugal Hospital, where Elaine is hospitalized. The reconstruction of the face is divided into two stages, the first concentrated on the bones, due to multiple facial cuts. In the following, aesthetic corrections are made. The information comes from the Extra newspaper.

"When you get injuries of this type, you have to wait for the body to improve the lesions and tissues to be mature before start the procedure. We will evaluate this in a few months, to decide what needs to be done. Practices for the reconstruction of facial bones will be made at the moment, "said the doctor.

The surgeon further stated that the surgery was not performed again because the victim was going to hospital in a serious health condition and that the initial concern was to reduce the risk of death.

Elaine Caparroz was beaten for four hours by Vinicius Batista Serra, 27, at his apartment in Rio de Janeiro. They met on the internet eight months ago and were first meeting last Friday (15), when the attacks occurred. According to the investigations, they were penalties, bites and other blows. I was arrested earlier on allegations of women.

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