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Did your cell phone be stolen or want to relax? Here is how to disable WhatsApp – 05/04/2019


WhatsApp makes life easier, but sometimes you want to take some time to relax and give the best of the dozens of messages sent by family and friends. At other times, disabling the messaging application is less choice and more necessarily, the whole, whoever hasn't been stolen or stolen and their worries about how thieves might use the WhatsApp account?

With some simple commands, you can leave WhatsApp offline for a few hours and even days to prevent them from receiving messages. They can be used on Android phones and mobile phones on iPhones.

The advantage is that only the WhatsApp app is unplugged from the internet, while other apps remain connected. It can be useful at times when you want to keep an eye on an activity, such as watching videos on Netflix or YouTube or reading news on complicated topics, and you don't want to worry about things that highlight the family group .

Not be disturbed

If you use Android smartphones, know that you can leave WhatsApp completely offline. See below: t


  • Go to Settings, select the "Applications" option and find the WhatsApp icon;
  • In the application settings, select "Force stop" and confirm "OK";
  • Still on the settings page, select "Use data" and disable the "Background data" option – this will make the app go offline for mobile data carrier (3G or 4G);
  • On the same page, uncheck the "Wi-fi" option to prevent WhatsApp from connecting to a Wi-Fi network.


For those who own an iPhone, the story is different. Apple's operating system does not allow you to completely disconnect a single application – only access to mobile networks can be switched off individually.

Still, there is a trick to let you not be bothered with WhatsApp messages, though they still come to your device if it's connected to the internet over Wi-Fi. See below: t

  • Open the settings and scroll down to the "WhatsApp" icon to click on it;
  • On the application page, select the "Cell Data" option. This will only disable the WhatsApp connection to the carrier's mobile network, via 3G or 4G;
  • Since iPhone doesn't allow you to leave one application offline for the Wi-Fi connection, here's a sport: Capture on the WhatsApp settings page, select the "Notifications" icon and de-select the "Allow Not" option. So even if your WhatsApp receives messages via Wi-Fi, you won't receive alerts from them.

Theft, theft or loss

This is the tip we would not want to give, but it is important to keep WhatsApp messages from continuing to arrive if the device is stolen or stolen. The tips below also work if the phone is lost:

  • Write an email to [email protected];
  • In the subject area, write "Lost / Stolen: Disable my account". The message to be included in the body of the email is even simpler: your phone number, including country code (+55 from Brazil) and DDD;
  • The email confirming your account will be deactivated will arrive a few hours later. Be smart: the 30-day time frame for re-enabling the profile will start as soon as you receive WhatsApp email;
  • If you do not activate the profile on another phone, it will be deleted;
  • Once you are back in possession of the mobile phone line used to access WhatsApp, your time is re-enabled with your in-app account. Only check your number. Please note that only messages sent to you have not been delivered to the device.
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