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Creating a warning The Health Secretary is actively searching & # 39; to vaccinate from yellow fever


With the summer approaching, staff from primary health units or community agents may take some mothers in Curitiba to update their children's vaccination records and also receive a single dose of yellow fever vaccine. "But they do not need to worry because this is a normal act," said Dr Alcides Oliveira, director of the Epidemiology Center of the Municipal Health Secretariat. The operation of the vaccine against yellow fever is a preventive measure, he says.
According to Oliveira, since the vaccination system has been automated, nowadays professionals usually carry out a survey to see who is at fault. "We contacted us," he said. These actions have been intensified according to the requirement of a vaccinated portfolio to update as part of the documentation required for registration in the public and private education network. "There is a measure implemented by government in the state, to encourage the immunization of the population," he said.
The summer, due to the heat, is the greater circulation period of the virus. "As there were several cases in several cities in São Paulo last year, the Ministry of Health, from January of this year, decided to make the vaccine available to other states," he said.
He says that there was no record of a yellow fever case in Curitiba. We had only one case, but he was imported from Mariporã, a city in São Paulo, where there was a case, by someone there, and when he returned to Curitiba, he had the disease already , "he said. Curitiba has a stock of around 50 thousand doses.
The address for interested parties is to look for the nearest job or search the Curitiba city hall site. Oliveira warns of the need for parents to vaccinate their children according to the vaccination schedule. "We have to eliminate some illnesses, but not the viruses that continue to be circulated," he said.

Councils for Parents
In Curitiba, the Vaccination Statement can be obtained in two ways:

1) Taking the vaccination card to the Health Unit and, if there are no late vaccines, the statement will be printed by the professionals of the post. If necessary, the student can be vaccinated to complete the vaccinated photo.
2) Students with a current Registration Application (with their own registration or as another user's dependents) and current vaccine timetable, can produce the statement in the application itself in the file i print.
3) The vaccination card was available in the current Health Application in April, as another service is being offered to the service that arranges appointments with nursing and dentistry in health posts.
"The intention is to improve the daily life of the people of Curitiba through technology and innovation," said Ana Cristina Allegretti, director of Primary Care in the Municipal Health Department.

How to publish the Immunization Statement of the Current Health Application
1) After entering the Current Health Request, select which user needs the Statement (it can be the holder or one of the registered dependents).
2) Access to the "Vaccination Card" option.
3) Check the "Delay" field if no vaccine is missing to update in the vaccination schedule. If so, you have to go to a Health Unit to complete the portfolio.
4) If all current vaccines are in the right hand corner of the screen, click on the dots to open the "Empty Reserve" option.
5) The system will produce a printable version of the Palette and Vaccination Statement. At the end of the document, a statement is made that the carrier complies with the signature of the recommended vaccination timetable for its age group.
6) The document can be shared to digiral media (e-mail, drive, bluetooth, which can be printed later).


The Health application will already assist parents of students in the city at the time of school registration. From the virtual vaccination portfolio, available in the application, it is possible to print the Vaccination Statement. The document is mandatory for the registration and re-registration of Early Childhood, Elementary or Middle School in public and private schools in Paraná, enforcing state law 19.534 / 2018. The statement shows whether children or young people on a timetable.

The Health app can now be installed on smart phones or tablets – either on Android or iOS platforms for free – just downloading the App Store (iOS devices) or Play Store (Android devices). Access can also be made via the internet at

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