Saturday , May 21 2022

Contact us | Volkswagen will invest $ 50 billion in electric cars


By 2023, Volkswagen will invest € 44 billion in the development of electric cars, autonomous driving and new mobility services. Herbert Diess, executive director of the brand, was disclosed by the scheme, and also plans to co-operate with Ford, although it takes the position away from potential merger. High investment is considered necessary to start mass production and reduce the costs of manufacturing electric cars. "I believe it will not be the most profitable company in the electricity sector," said Diess. Reuters.

The Volkswagen Strategy is to change three of existing plants in Germany and also to explore alliances with partners dedicated to batteries and competitors. In 2025, the German brand wants to see its factories' productivity increase by 30% by building more vehicles, different brands, on the same production line.

Unions must approve the scheme, which controls half of the seats at the Volkswagen supervisory committee. The fear of these organizations means that a cut in jobs turns to the electrical mode, as there will be less workers needed to build such vehicles. A combustion vehicle has 1,400 components in the engine, the transportation and transmission system, while there are only 200 components of an electric vehicle, between a battery and an engine.

In the case of the Ford league, the American maker looks at the VB MEB platform and the next steps include developing more technology for other models.

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