Saturday , January 22 2022

Chay Suede and Laura travel with each other to Fernando de Noronha after harmonizing


Little iconic "Second Sun," which came to an end on Friday, said little fun, and Chay Suede got his packs and attacked Fernando de Noronha. The actor went to meet Laura Neiva, with whom she just reconciled. Both were tagged and installed with a host in a hostel of popular archipelago. "Can you meet them and not fight?"

Laura was in the last few days at Alter do Chão, in Pará, while Chay had recorded her last scenes of the nine novels. In July, with a planned marriage, it was decided to terminate the engagement.

But, from time to time, the couple already gave suggestions of conciliation. They returned to follow social networks and were made together in a show in Rio at the end of August.

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