Thursday , August 18 2022

Chapecoense evaluates action in Conmebol to remain empty


Chapecoense analyzes the possibility of appealing to Conmebol asking for the points against the La Calera conflicts, after the information appears that 20 clubs with irregular inscriptions, among them would be Unión La Calera.

Clubs would have 72 hours before the first game to send the list of athletes forward. But in Chile's case, the federation would be delayed.

Chapecoense was eliminated on the field after two drawings, 0-0 in Chile and 1 to 1 on Tuesday at the Condá Arena.

After the game, president of the club, Pliny David De Nes Filho, said he would file a complaint about arbitration, for not having a score of a penalty and not "antigame" blocking from & # 39; r Chilean.

Both resources came to be analyzed. But the actions against arbitration were practically disregarded. Chapecoense does not know if it's worth it.

In addition, the club had discomfort with Conmebol in 2017, when the Luiz Otávio defender was sent in Libertadores, played a game in Recopa and minutes before the match against Lanús, reported that he could not be involved.

In light of the scenario, the club chose to send the athlete to the field, and even scored the winning goal of 2 to 1, which would give a classification for the second stage, and discuss the case in lawful.

Chapecoense lost at the trial, lost points and was eliminated from the competition.

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