Friday , January 22 2021

Caixa's credit card launch has been sent without consulting with SPC / Serasa

From this April, the. T Federal Savings Bank start launching your ch Unique credit card for consigned credit. In partnership with the Elo flag, the social bank's new approach has been aimed at the most disadvantaged population, to popularize and offer access to low cost credit.

There will be no need to consult the Credit Protection Service (SPC) and Serasa on the credit card delivered. The hire can be done via the internet, without the need for the client to go to an agency. There will also be no annual fee.

In terms of interest, the rate will be lower than the rate currently used in the market. The values, according to Pedro Guimarães, president of the state, should be about 1% to 2.5%.

Launch in stages

Caixa's payroll credit card will be launched in four stages. In the first, now happening in April, the card will only be available to INSS pensioners and pensioners.

In the second stage, which has not yet defined a date, Caixa Econômica workers will be considered. Then, the public servants and then in the fourth stage, employees of private companies.

As the Elo flag, Caixa's payroll loan customer has the comfort of being able to use the card in physical and virtual stores in Brazil and abroad.

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