Thursday , January 20 2022

By decree, Maranhão guarantees Schools with Freedom and Non-Healing


On the night before the School vote without a Plaid project in the House of Representatives, the re-elected governor Maranhão, Flavio Dino, announced a decree guaranteing Schools with Freedom and without Censorship in the state. The decree opposes the bill, which is protected by the President-elect Jair Bolsonaro.

The text ensures that all teachers, students and staff are free to express their thoughts and opinions in the Maranhão state network.

The decree also states that the state Education secretariat should promote a campaign to publicize the constitutional securities in schools and are provided for in law of "freedom to learn, teach, investigate and disseminate thoughts, art and information. "

The governor of Maranhão Twitter used publicity to the decree of the decree. "Talking in a Non-Plaid School has served to cover authoritative intentions that are incompatible with the Constitution and with decent education."

Through the decree, it is banned in the school's environment to break judgment through violence or threats; defamation, relief and other offenses; and any pressure or obligation that breaks the constitutional principles of freedom in the school environment.

Finally, the text indicates that teachers, students or employees can only record videos or clubs during other classes and teaching activities to authorize who will be filmed or recorded.

A party without a party

Legislative bills with similar content are processed in the Chamber of Deputies and in Parliament. For tomorrow (13) the project voting is arranged at the House. The proposal is to include respect for the convictions of the student, their parents or guardians, among the principles of education, giving priority to family values ​​about school education in aspects related to moral, sexual and religious education.

The bill establishes that schools have posters with teacher duties, these include prohibiting the use of their site to co-opt students to any current political, ideological or regional. In addition, the teacher can not encourage students to take part in demonstrations and should identify the main theories on political, social and cultural issues.

The School without Party is controversial. On the one hand, supporters say that teachers and teaching materials authors have been using their classrooms and their work to try to ensure that students adhere to specific political and ideological sets.

Critics say that existing laws are already preventing any type of abuse from teachers and that a project such as the Non-Plaid School will create uncertainty in classrooms and teachers' victimization.

After the elections, the deputy PSL, the party even Bolsonaro, Ana Caroline Campagnolo, announced a social network announcement that encourages students to record the classes and tell them, through a channel that she created, Teachers who would make demonstrations contrary to the presidential election. The court ordered her to withdraw the announcement of the networks.

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