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Burger King is Using Consumer Attribution to Fight Prejudice – 08/11/2018


After a noise with campaign against number and void votes, on the eve of the first round of this year's election, Burger King has now taken the fight against prejudice in his trade.

The aim of the new campaign, created by the agency David São Paulo, is to raise awareness of the fact that all views are welcome, whether positive or not. No prejudice will ever be accepted.

For this, the Movee production uses a different strategy: back marketing. A commercial, one-minute, gives users a voice that does not admire the network of snack bars. Then it shows user comments that are going to address different prejudices.

Watch the commercial Burger King:

"As a brand, Burger King understands that he has an important role in raising awareness. This is a serious issue that needs to be discussed. So we are not making any effort to show everyone's welcome and we are understand that each one has a different opinion. We accept criticism, but we do not accept any kind of bias, "said Ariel Grunkraut, Director of Marketing and Sales of Burger King Brazil.

The campaign is based on data from the Ibope Intelligence survey, which shows that seven in ten Frasers commented on a trendy – and of their 83% Self-prejudice, 72% have already made some abusive comments.

"These numbers reinforce the aim of our campaign, to continue to seek greater awareness of people and support for diversity," said the executive.

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