Monday , January 17 2022

Bolsonaro will meet the prosecutor, Schelb, as a party defenseist without a party


Presiding Officer Jair Bolsonaro said Thursday that there is still no definition of the Ministry of Education and he will speak Thursday with the Federal District Attorney for the Federal District, Guilherme Shelb.

Shelb is an open champion of the Non-Party School project and has already favored the subject in a special commission on the subject in 2017. He also claims that he is against "sex discussion" in schools .

The name of Shelb could have the evangelical group, which responded to the news that the educator Mozart Neves, from the Ayrton Senna Institute, had considered more moderate, had already chosen for the Education folder. Bolsonaro called the "false news" information. "I do not know if (Mozart) would be here today, but if so, I'll talk to it, we need to have a good technical name," said the presidential election.

Bolsonaro spent the night in Granja do Torto and does not know who will stay there until his opening. He said that the choice is made by the woman, Michelle. According to him, the first wife in the future "sends more than they think, he will decide." The reserve also said, with a joke, they could even live in Ceilândia, where Michelle was born.

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