Monday , October 3 2022

Black Friday: Globo postcards fall on late submission


With just a few days left up to the 2018 edition of Black Friday, Rede Globo and Post Office change barbs last weekend. This is because the station has exhibited a report during the National Newspaper lent by the state company.

According to the article presented by Globo, the well-known Reclaim Here website came to register, from January to October 55,000 complaints against Office & Post. This, according to the report, represents an increase of 81% over the same period last year. The story says:

Fear of what Post Office needs is that the situation gets worse with the growing demand that starts with the promotion of Black Friday and goes up to Christmas.

The TV Globo report also showed some cases of users using Post Office services and faced with a series of problems to accept their orders. Therefore, the broadcaster even showed how one of the largest screening centers works and criticize some points:

This week, Jornal Nacional was one of the company's largest segregation centers. The distribution belt does not work directly, it works according to the loads collection and at certain times for each order type. Part of the service is being delivered to external workers and much of the reading of the labels in Brazil is still manual and non-digital.

You can check the video with the complete story on the National Journal website.

With the exchange of problems in the national network, the Post published a note accuses the broadcaster of being biased on the night before Black Friday and reject some allegations:

The National Journal demonstrated an impartial article on supplies in the Post Office shortly before the biggest e-commerce shopping event, Black Friday. […] The 55,000 complaints made on the Get This Site equate to 0.00001% of the total number of objects that are transported by the company in the same period.[…] Bringing favorable material on the quality of the post office on Monday before Friday Black means favoring private logistics operators and disagreement to the public.

The bank of the property of the state also states that the company prepare for the Black Friday and must satisfy all the delivery times:

Mail has been improving its operational quality indexes, which means more efficiency in supplies, especially orders, and are ready to increase the size, typical of Friday Black. […] For every 100 national orders, 98 are strictly provided on time, which even exceeds the largest international logistics operators

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