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BH to receive the largest study of dengue fever & # 39 ;, according to the Ministry of Health – Horizons


This year, Belo Horizonte will be conducting a study classified as "the biggest research into getting to grips with dengue." The bill was published this morning (4), by the Health Surveillance Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Wanderson de Oliveira.

The study will include contamination of Aedes aegypti women with Wolbachia bacteria. From this, all the eggs that the woman puts out will be contaminated by the bacteria, which will make it difficult to contaminate with dengue. The practice with Wolbachia is already being developed in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, and the result is positive, according to the secretary.

"BH will be a window to the world. An agency of the US will invest $ 20 million to develop this study," Wanderson said. It is expected that the use of the bacteria will begin in August, when Aedes circulation is less intense, the manager ensured. "It's an important act, but it's not abolishing the work of an endemics agent, the co-operation of the citizen, using smoke," he explained.

The Oswaldo Cruz Institute (FioCruz) and the Minas Gerais Federal University (UFMG) will work together to develop the study. Month ago Today is the reported news UFMG Immunology Department is already studying the capital's test later this year. At the time, the coordinator of the National Institute of Science and Technology in Dengue and professor of Department of Biochemistry and Immunology UFMG, Mauro Teixeira, is one of the most advanced vector management strategies.

The method involves vaccinating the bacteria in the egg of the mosquito. In adulthood, the insects are released. The gradual replacement of the population, from the transfer of the bacterium – which has the ability to make the insects do not transmit diseases – from the woman to her puppy. In Belo Horizonte, the bacterium should be tested in Insetário.

The space, which is located in the São Francisco neighborhood, is the final part of the construction and will serve, precisely, aedes aegypti chemical adjustment via the Wolbachia bacterium. $ 15 million was invested by the city of Belo Horizonte for the implementation of the insetário. "It's probably from August that we should be producing the aedes with the use of Wolbachia," assured Jackson Machado, municipal health secretary Belo Horizonte, t

Switch off the vaccine in the final stages of production

During the visit to the health center, Salgado Filho, secretary of the Ministry of Health, said that a vaccine, which could protect the population against the four serotypes of arguments, is the final production stages in the country.

The immunization dose is practically carried out by the Butantan Foundation with two private laboratories. According to the secretary, the vaccine is in the population study period. The next step will be to register with Anvisa. "A Brazilian vaccine will soon be available to the population," he said.

Minas Gerais has registered over 165 thousand cases of controversy this year and 21 deaths from the disease have already been confirmed.

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