Friday , August 19 2022

BBB19: The Deputy comes with a request to enter the house and ask the participant


The great effect of the statements made by some Big Brother can stop in case of police.

According to information from Extra newspaper, the Gilbert Stivanello, from the Police Crime and Crime Offenses Office, from Rio de Janeiro, filed a petition to enter TV Globo to collect evidence from Paula, one of the reality members.

The decision would have to do after comments on African matrix religions. The representative wants to find out if there was racist abuse.


The presenter Tiago Leifert send a message to the public ten days ago, on Thursday (14).

"Times they spoke to each other and they understood each other, some things were pulled out there, but they did not go out here, the videos were sent with the lines to the relevant authorities and it's & These are evaluated. "

Leifert said that if a crime has been proven, TV Globo will operate.

According to the authorities, the program will act as it is always. In the meantime, we believe that dialogue is the best way. Two years ago we have a campaign in the air, diversity is one of the pillars and the company, this is clear in our timetable, it's clear when you're walking in Studio Globo, so right now we will always follow our game with the look carefully. "

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