Tuesday , January 26 2021

BBB19: After Isabella's overflow, Hana says: "Maycon is very bad"

After finding that Maycon would like to stay with Elana, Isabella went to talk to Hana, during the BBBali party this Sunday morning (3). After listening to the medical student, the Carioca said that the cheese seller was a very male person.

"We can not talk about what kind of man we want for our lives because we do not know which stereotype we will fall in love," he told us. "On my part, it's a long way of passion," he noted. "Maycon is still very good," he added.

Isabella agreed to a secret colleague: "He is a very good man." "Look at how curious he is: first he comes in and invites Elana to book him, then he asks you to bring things back with him," said Hana.

"I'm thinking about voting for it, Brazil, I'm going to vote for Maycon because it is very inconsistent with what it is saying". Do you have an idea that he is today and says he wants to pause me? "" Only because of your refusal, he has changed his mind, "said Hana.

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