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As a holder in 2006, I'm more Tabu do Vasco against Grêmio in Porto Alegre


When looking for a taboo cut for 12 years, Vasco face Grêmio on Sunday in Porto Alegre for round 33 of Brasileirão. The final victory of the Cruz-Maltino against the Tricolor Gaucho took place from home in 2006, when he won 2 to 1. Who was on the pitch at the time was Ives's 33-year-old driver at the moment.

The player, who was only 21 at the time, started the game because the coach, now the coach, Renato Gaúcho, rescues the main team because of the Brazilian Cup final against Fluminense. Shirt 5 recalls that he has committed the penalty that produced the first goal of the game.

– I had the opportunity to play the start line and get the win from 2 to 1. We were unfortunate to punish, the ball hit my hand and I thought it was not a penalty, but he gave the referee. Alberoni (the second goal scorer) was able to decide on the game and we won that game – said former Vasco da Gama player, who gave way to Ygor in the second half of that game.

Since the last success in the Gremio territory, there were eight games, with six Grêmio winning and two draw. It's worth saying that the Alvinegro in Rio de Janeiro had to abolish three times during this period. The negative taboo was even surprised by the midfielder, who was wearing a Rio Negro and National-AM shirt in 2018, but at present he does not have a club.

"I did not expect Vasco to stay without winning or even pulling Grêmio away from home, but I hope he can win or pull out," he added.

In 2018, the reality of both clubs is quite different. Although Grêmio is fighting in the G4, Vasco is trying to move away from the adhering zone, a spirit that has come with the club in the last rounds.

If Rio's team needs to win the three points to eliminate any risk, Ives showed the way for the club to achieve that goal.

– First you must respect the Grêmio team, play with a lot of race and, whenever you have the opportunity, make the goal to come out with the victory – after completing.

Vasco and Grêmio face this Sunday, at 5pm, at the Grêmio Arena, for round 33 of the Brazilian Championship. The Gaucho team occupies the fifth place in the table, with 55 points, while Rio de Janeiro's competitor in the 13th, with 38.

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