Thursday , June 30 2022

Ana Hickmann’s husband misses a lot in the fight against cancer


Alexandre Correa, husband of Ana Hickmann, recently revealed to his followers that he had been diagnosed with throat cancer.

Since then, he has been undergoing treatment against the disease through chemotherapy sessions, updating fans on social networks.

This Sunday morning (06), he gave more details about what has been happening to him during the procedure, as well as updating his weight loss once again.

“Good morning everyone! I’m twelve pounds thinner, nauseous, with a hiccup of country forever, but optimistic and confident that everything will work out! I love you,” he said.

Netizens wasted no time, and ripped positive words from the crowd to Alexandre in the comments.

“You are already healed in the Name of Jesus”, “God is with you, warrior”, “Everything has already worked out” were some of the statements made by his followers.

Alexandre Correa talked about throat cancer treatment on Instagram

Check out the full post on Instagram @ alewin71.

Ana Hickmann receives a lovely statement from her husband
Ana Hickmann delights with a funny click next to her husband

Details of symptoms of chemotherapy

As we said above, Alexandre Correa has shared with the public some details about his treatment against newly discovered cancer. The businessman reported, on November 26, that he had been feeling ill because of chemotherapy, but was under the care of his sister-in-law, Isabel Hickmann.

“I’m in São Paulo, and Aunt Bel is the one who looks after me here. Yesterday, I worked all day, and when I got home I got sick of chemotherapy. Isabel de ginger did , which made me save it, ”he said on Instagram Stories.

While undergoing treatment at the Albert Einstein hospital in São Paulo, Alexandre also told internet users that he had been undergoing physical therapy on his arms because of the procedures, helping to reduce pain and bruising from needles. He revealed he had throat cancer on November 10.

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