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After Equine Failure, MEC extends until the sixth deadline for registration | Education

The failures of the Student Funding Fund (FIES) have made the Ministry of Education (MEC) extend until this Friday (5) the deadline for students selected in the FIES mode to complete their registration in the system. Thousands of university students approved by the program are not able to go to class in private universities because of the problem, which has prevented the completion of the process and the guarantee of registration.

"In view of the difficulties, the MEC explains that there will be no harm to the student's hire of Fies. The deadline for validating registration by the educational institution was extended to 5 April," he said; the ministry in a statement.

Karen Castro was selected on February 25 to attend college. The classes had already started, but it took another 20 days to register because of the bureaucracy. In the end, he lost one month from school and to this day has not signed the funding agreement with Caixa.

"I still don't know if I'm going to miss the semester or not, if it works out, and I hope it'll do." I'm losing money going to college, buying lunch, picking up early, having to get on the bus at 6:20 am. I'm going to be able to study or not, "says Karen, who appears as a" collapse "in college records t (watch the video above).

The first Fies call for the first half of 2019 was announced on February 25. Initially, the edict anticipates the period between 26 February and 7 March, for completion of the registration stage, which is when students submit documents which are due to be completed. n show that they meet the requirements to participate in the program.

However, when the students reached the stage of closing the Fies contract effectively with Federal Caixa Econômica, it was reported that information was missing from the register to complete the process.

Last month, that deadline had already extended until March 11. Now, the MEC said in a note that it would postpone the deadline until next Friday.

The National Education Development Fund (FNDE) informed the National Journal that a systemic problem had been identified, and that this failure had prevented the exchange of information with the financial agent in relation to the selected candidates.

The Fund also said in a note released on Monday (1st) that cases of errors or problems in the system could lead the MEC or the banks operating the program to extend the deadline for registration until 30 June. (read the full note at the end of the story).

Students not registered

The program offers 100,000 funding contracts in undergraduate courses at private universities and is attractive because they do not have an interest rate, as well as the funding conditions after graduation.

But as long as they are not able to solve the problem, students selected to the Fies funding contract this semester now report that they are at risk of academic losses.

"I've been trying to finish my contract with Caixa since March 1 and I can't," complained student Elen Alves. Luisa Bastos Lira also has the same problem. "How much longer will we have to lose until they have resolved this error? What will be the academic loss for us?"

Sólon Caldas, executive director of the Brazilian Association of Higher Education Holders (Abmes) said that the address is for faculties to receive student registration until the problem has been resolved. But he admits that many will lose the semester.

"Students who do not attend classes for any reason, they have two options: either they will fail the first semester because of their absence, or they can join in the second semester. – Solón Caldas, executive director of Abmes

Read the full note of the FNDE

"There is a systemic problem to note that has prevented the exchange of information with the financial agent in relation to the former selectors' candidates for this first semester from 2019. In this context, according to SESU number / MEC 1 of 2.1 .2019, item 6.2 of the final provisions, students will not be prejudiced as to the deadline for contracting the finance given that there will be an extension and, therefore, they can usually contract student finance provided that the other requirements for funding are met, in accordance with MEC Ordinance No 209, from 2018, and the current FIES method regulations, see below for an extract showing the this possibility:

6.2. This is specifically for the way Fies changes, if there are errors or there are active barriers on the part of the IES, the CPSA, the financial agent or the Fies's managers, leading to the loss of the t term for validation of registration and contracting of the funding by the former CANDIDATE SESU / MEC operator or the Fies, depending on when the error or the active barrier can be specified, by June 30, 2019, adopt the necessary measures to extend the appropriate deadlines, in the back art. 107 from Ordinance No. 209 MEC, from 2018, having received and evaluated the justification submitted by the interested party and, if appropriate, SESE / MEC authorization on the existence of vacant posts. "

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