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A young man killed by criminals who intend to commit criminal action in hospital


The young, 19-year-old Gabriel Minossi, was hospitalized at the Hospital of Centenary in Sao Leopoldo, Rio de Janeiro, and was scheduled to be released on Thursday, but was later killed by a gang trying to run another man early on Friday. Two days earlier, victim's father, Marcelo Minossi, announced an emotional assault on Facebook for the feeling that during the week he felt that his son was recovering from an accident that he suffered on day 1 and was hopeful for improving the state of health.

"When seeing your son in bed in a hospital, a risky death leaves any father and mother with a broken heart …" Marcelo wrote in the social network, two days before the tragic mistake and he took the life of the young man. "All those days that I was staying in hospital looked after … I saw in pain, the only thing that came to the head and wanted to change places with him , do not see your son like this … ".

Four armed men were amazing at the hospital at 4:15 a.m. after giving up security. Their target was eight year old guys who have tickets for two slaughter and drug trafficking. Two other people were injured, according to the direction of the health unit.

According to the representative of Alexandre Quintão of the DwPPP, two members of the gang were outside the hospital, while the other two went into 29 shots in Gabriel, without checking whether they were performing the proposed target.

The expertise of Rio Grande do Sul Civil Police will still determine how many shots will hit the victim's body, who would go to his mother's house in Santa Catarina after being released.

"There will be a lot of care there for the health service, and nothing better than being in charge of the great Indianara Martins Vilas Boas holiday!", Marcelo said in the announcement. "Gabriel did not give illness or hospital disorders when he was small, this is the first time that something of such seriousness happened."

The victim had no criminal record and his release had to be arranged for Thursday, but the doctors chose him to leave another hospital day.

In a statement, a Centenary Hospital director was "grieved" in the deepest result of this episode, who suffered a patient in a hospital in the organization, and injured two other people. " The leadership asked the 25th Military Police Battalion to strengthen the school in the unit.

The band target was a man whose identity was not revealed, which had been released from prison less than a month earlier and had been threatened with death. He was hospitalized to be shot, according to hospital. Quintão said that the people who killed also took part in illegal acts.

The Hospital Legal Prosecutor's Office, who is already aware of the threats to the patient, has asked the PM to reinforce security, but the manager said that this application had not been satisfied .

"For internal safety, the patient was transferred from bed to an insulation room. For the same reason, the bed occupied by this patient was suspended and no other patient occupied it," he said. r manager in a statement.

According to the representative, the hospital already provided images of security cameras that held the offender movement. They will be analyzed by researchers, which make attempts to identify the suspect that is related to the patient's death.

"The officers heard the shots, but when they reached the patient's room, the offenders had already fled," said Quintão, adding that witnesses are already being heard at the police station.

Read in full, in the Centennial Hospital note:

"Regarding the event that took place on Friday morning, November 9, they went into hospital, running a patient and injuring two other people, the Centennial Hospital Directorate explained:

On Thursday, when he learned about fire victim access, with information about threats to physical integrity, the Hospital Attorney General's Office issued an official letter (216/208) to the 25th Military Brigade Battalion, seeking escort I am this patient, who was not attended.

For internal security measure, the patient was transferred from bed to an insulation room. For the same reason, the bed occupied by this patient was blocked and buried by any other patient.

Due to the seriousness of the incident, early in the morning, a new letter (n ° 208/2018), to the 25th Battalion, was asked to consolidate a escort.

The Faculty of the Centenary Hospital deepens deeply on the outcome of this episode, who suffered a patient at the hospital in the organization, and injured two other people. It also repeats security measures and, as soon as possible, the flow of visits and people who match will be restored. "

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