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A whale found in the middle of the bush on the island of Marajó



The whale wander in the center of the jungle on the Island of Marajó
The whale wanderer in the middle of the jungle on the island of Marajó (Photo: Video play)

2/22/1919 at 21:23

Writing in Paraná, with agencies

The Jubarte whale was found in a forest area on the Araruna beach, off the coast of the village of Soure, on the island of Marajó, on Friday (22). The animal, 11 meters long, was dead. The way he arrives there, away from the sea, is a mystery to the researchers.

According to researchers who saw the animal, the whale was not injured. The animal must have a biopsy to indicate the cause of death and also why it is out of the sea.

Ynys Marajó has located to the north of the Parana coast.

The Humpback Whale is one of the largest animals in the world. Sample adults measure up to 16X meters and weigh 30 tonnes.

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