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A vinegar for food seasoning, cleaning the house and killing lice | Wellbeing


That vinegar is for food seasonings that everyone knows. But did you know that he also had other uses? Vinegar digests, keeps natural, cleaner and replaces salt.

As it comes from the fermentation of different foods, vinegar contains a type of acid that works as a preservative, by blocking the growth of bacteria and other organisms, and digestion, by assisting our gastric juice in the digestive process.

So sauces based on vinegar are ideas to go with food of more difficult digestion, such as meats.

Advantages of vinegar - Picture: Reproduction / Globo TVAdvantages of vinegar - Picture: Reproduction / Globo TV

Advantages of vinegar – Picture: Reproduction / Globo TV

Vinegar acid can kill micro-organisms and lice and remove odors caused by fungi and other contaminants. This acid can also remove all laundry soap. So it's used as a softener.

White vinegar also smells like plastic jars. Prepare a solution of vinegar and hot water, pour into the pot, let it cool to rinse again.

Don't know how to take urine from animals? Vinegar takes smell of carpets, upholstery and mattresses, as well as taking grease from the pots.

Wellbeing reminds that vinegar is not a medicine or a weight loss.

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