Friday , May 27 2022

A number of accidents with death included drivers without CNH – Traffic


Traffic deaths caused by drivers without CNH (National Driving License) rejected 13% in 2017, due to the increase in blitze in Mato Grosso for Sunday, according to Detran (Department of Traffic State). In Campo Grande, deaths caused by workers with no qualifications decreased by 15.3%.

From January to November 2017, Detran accounted for 261 accidents with deaths, 36 of which include unlicensed drivers. The data also shows that, in December of that year, there was no accident with a death caused by CNH drivers. This year, the survey brings 227 accidents with a death, 31 of which included unlicensed drivers.

In Campo Grande, the agency states that 2017 happens 70 accidents with a death, in Campo Grande, at 13 with drivers without CNH. Already this year, 58 accidents have been recorded so far, 11 of whom are non-crew drivers.

André Canuto, the head of the supervisory sector, stated that the reduction was the result of the increase in inspections and, in addition, to intensify in May.

"The inspections are in place to prevent this custom. As there is no way to know the features of the car or the driver, it must be" An inspection was made by a blitz, "he said.
When caught in deeds, the driver without CNH and the owner of the vehicle receives the notice. The vehicle is transferred to authorized recognition, still in place, or taken to Detran yard.

"In traffic we have two major problems: the first is that everyone thinks he understands traffic and makes his own rules. The second is that they think they will never happen to them."

If the driver without CNH is involved in an accident, the owner of the vehicle also responds judicially to the event. "This is the 9th cut with the highest number of registrations in Detran. This causes a lot of anxiety because the driving license is not a piece of paper, but a driver's training and qualification. If it has & # 39; r documentation, because he has learned the rules of traffic and security procedures, "he says.

The head of surveillance states that the driver without CNH also puts people at the lives of others at risk and indicates that traffic faces two major problems.

"The inspection will continue, including last week, we caught a driver without CNH to survey this bike in Detran. In traffic we have two major problems, the first is that everyone thinks I understand traffic and make their own rules, the second is that they think that they will never happen to them and, therefore, abusers with a cell phone or alcohol. This problem also covers who's Transfer the vehicle to someone who has not enabled, for example, to go to the neighboring market. A non-Brazilian study says that most of the & # 39; r accidents happens 50 meters from home, because that's when people relax, "he said.

The head of the industry emphasizes the importance of training drivers. "Detran has invested in technology that monitors each class both theoretically and practically by video and biometrics, trying to improve the quality of teaching, so that these numbers are falling increasingly," it's coming to & # 39 ; r collection.

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