Sunday , August 7 2022

A meteor shower can be seen in the early hours of Sunday and Monday


(photo: ESA / Max Planck
(photo: ESA / Max Planck)

Many points in the southern hemisphere, including Brazil, will have a privileged view of the meteor shower called Eta Aquardeos. The phenomenon that includes pieces of Halley comet, which went through the Earth in 1986 – and should be back in 2062.

The remains of the comet can be seen more clearly in the early hours of the Sunday (5/5) and Monday (6/5), about 2am. That's because the meteor shower lasts a few weeks (from April 17 to May 24), but depends on seeing favorable conditions, like a clean ass.

According to Nasa, the ideal moment to imagine the phenomenon is the exact journey from Sunday to Monday. At the time, the Earth reaches the closest point to Halley's comet orbit.

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