Saturday , October 1 2022

A landslide leaves 14 dead and 11 injured in Niteri (RJ)


The death toll rose in a landslide and Saturday morning stones, 10, in Niterói, the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area to 14. Another 11 injured people. Rescue is being done on a Sunday morning. From Wednesday to Friday, heavy rainfall arrives at Rio State, including the metropolitan region, but there were no serious accidents in other locations other than Nitroze.

Among the dead there are five women, two men, two children and a baby ten months old. At least nine homes were hit by landslide on Morro da Boa Esperança, in the Niterói oceanic region, further away from downtown. The residents said the accident was about 4 hours in the morning. The Rio Fire Department called at 5:08 am, according to the agency's press office.

"It was a lot of rain during the past two days." Niterói was in a state of state and warned by the area and the communities were warned of this situation, with a recommendation to look for safe places, "the Secretary of State for Civil Defense and the General Command of the Military Fire Brigade, Colonel Roberto Robadey Coastal

Seven teams of the five Fire Department barracks, a total of 80 men, operate to save the casualty. Residents of the place joined the teams to help, on a voluntary basis, at the rescue work. According to the Robadey Commander, work can be taken to eliminate the debris and rescue the victims or seek a death that could take up to 48 hours.

According to the State Health Department, six victims went to the State Hospital Azevedo Lima. Two of the victims are children – one is in a serious condition and the other is stable. Among the four adults, two have been released and two remain stable. Alberto Torres State Hospital received a patient who suffered the adult slip with a stable condition.

According to Claudio dos Santos, who introduced himself as the president of a local residents association, some of the landslides dropped by the landslide had already been closed by Civil Defense about a year ago, but they refused to leave their owners . "The Civil Defense is isolated on the houses, but the residents are complex, they do not want to leave, and on Friday, we even worried about this rain," said Santos at GloboNews.

In an interview with the RJTV TV Globo, Maid Rosemary, Caetano Silva, who survived the collapse, exempted some houses and accused Niterói City Hall from not acting. "Everything is happening now, the city already knew. They asked us to let it go if it was raining." No one is going to go, says Silva. He said that Friday evening, the family celebrated Arthur's three-year anniversary, who had his hospitals in a very serious state. Arthur's sister, Nicole, ten months old, was rescued dead.

The girl and grandchildren slept when there was a fall. "When we saw it, it was already on top of us, I could not put my arm alone, I could push and ask for help, extinguish until the resident came from to me, the inhabitants who took me out of it. " .

The mayor of Niteroi, Rodrigo Neves (PDT) refused to have a housing ban and described the accident as a death, as it was not a landslide that could get upset. "It was a huge rubbish, there was no slope slope," said Neves at TV Globo. In a statement, Nitroze City said "investing more than R $ 150 million in incumbent work at 50 slopes and city."

Rio-electorate Rio, Wilson Witzel (PSC), visited the site on Saturday afternoons. Early in the afternoon, Witzel issued a note of distress to victims. Also in a statement, Governor Luiz Fernando Pezão (MDB) expressed his compatibility with the victims and said that the state government "was used to help the city of Niterói, because of the landslide." (Vinicius Neder)

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