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Zayn Malik confirms Taylor Swift technique to escape paparazzi


UNUSUAL – Difficult to be paparazzi today! Stars compete with crazy methods to hide from the disturbed photographers. But by wishing to avoid a small square Taylor Swift has created another despite himself. We can thank the singer Zayn Malik, thanks to whom we know the technique of the American singer to escape the paparazzi.

It all started with a stunning scratch in 2017. The photographers, who were often planted in front of the star in New York, often saw big bags coming in and out of their home.

"VoDo you remember when Taylor Swift was hiding inside a box to avoid paparazzi? Now it's fun "

In 2017, the site buzzfeed It was reported in an article that a number of photographs were taken from this journey significantly: April 14, 2017, May 5, 2017 and July 17, 2017. Each time, the same case: body voles treat With amazing precautions of unusual size masks. Was Taylor Swift inside when those pictures were taken? If so, we must admit that the image becomes disruptive.

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This spell from has derived from the story, says the legend: "Taylor Swift is transported in a huge suit from a Tribeca flat to & # 39; w gar. "

"Avoid paparazzi"

The theory was born for the first time on site splashnews, still reporting buzzfeed, who had published a picture of the suit as a heading: "Taylor Swift is being carried in a huge suit from a Tribeca flat to a car." The odds spread like wild wildlife on social networks, but it was forgotten of the end, appearing a little too far.

This is where Zayn Malik comes in. Former member of One Direction gave an interview vogue Last November 13 he may have to worry today. It makes an announcement that may seem innocent: "Hi [Taylor Swift, NDLR] Travel here and there in a case, he said [Zayn Malik], from around the globe, wants his friend Taylor Swift to avoid paparazzi. "

"#ZAYN confirms that #TaylorSwift has been carried in a suit for a while to avoid paparazzi:" She was traveling in a suitcase! "- #ZaynMalik in Vogue"

"That said, exchanged remains to reveal." She was traveling in a suitcase, "he said, completely small, for his friend Taylor Swift's friend to avoid paparazzi." – Zayn Malik interviewed @BritishVogue "

This statement did not escape buzzfeed he was unable to make the connection the day after this interview, on November 14. Unable to know if there is a simple or horrible wink from Zayn Malik. On the other hand, we know – if it turns out how it might have known it: his companion at the time, the model Gigi Hadid, is one of the best friends of Taylor Swift.

When you know that she can imitate walking cranks to avoid being photographed, a few minutes may not be photographed, a few minutes should not be cool to & Star star

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