Saturday , January 23 2021

"you have to better inform so you don't have to hide"

Estelle agreed (her name changed) to speak on two conditions. I couldn't recognize her and not reveal her work. She has a sensitive job and "My colleagues don't know I'm autistic". This diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorders fell slightly over two months ago. Before that, she knew it wasn't like "all" but no-one had yet to name his difference. "Today, it's better, I know why I'm living in my world, in my bubble" the explains.

"I can't communicate"

Every day Estelle works and cares for her children. "I like my job (it's superior there)It takes me a lot of time. I can't eat or sleep if I haven't finished what I have to do. " Homely in the office "because he's framed, I know what he's taking and here I know the rules and the limits"on the other hand, she admits that she is in trouble in her social life. "I send an image of someone who is not interested in others, but that's not at all." Only I can not communicate. When I hear about the rain and the weather, I don't know what to say. That is not of interest to me. "

Estelle recognizes that she is very close to her children. "Logically, the parents are there to show them the rules of life outside, the social life, but unlike the neurotypical ones (a word created by autism to apply non-autistic people). My rules are different, very complicated and sometimes I have to watch how others do or take a book to see what the right behavior is to get it.

"I'd like people to get better information about autism"explains Estelle. "When a child is different, he doesn't have to hide." He would like, for example, to talk about it in school, to get everyone to know about this disadvantage and to get GPs' training better. "Before that, I was told that the bipolar was."

  • ASD Estelle was diagnosed last February mobile autism team of the Malta Order in Sallanches. This unique structure in Haute-Savoie makes it possible to intervene following a call from parents or specialist structures following a suspicion of autism or recommend modifying the support methods.

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