Tuesday , August 9 2022

Words from playoffs 1 (1/6) Sébastien Pocognoli: "In 2011, the atmosphere in Genk was electric"


Ten issues of playoffs 1 and so many memories. The main contributors of this 10th edition open the album of the memories and elicit the 2019 edition. This Wednesday, the Moderator Sébastien Pocognoli.

Before starting this 10th edition of the playoffs 1 that looks more inconclusive than ever, t DH sum up a special quiz that a player of the top six members agreed to answer. This Wednesday, give the Captain Standard, back from injury to play the 10th PO1, Sapastien Pocognoli.

1. What is your most memorable memory of PO1? "The game for the title is Genk and, in general, all these PO1s, when we realized recovery along. I really keep the atmosphere of this last game, the electric atmosphere that reigned at the Genk Stadium." I had never seen it filled in. I didn't nearly play because I was injured two days ago and I was struck by infiltration.

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