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Why the Game of Thrones series will speak again about it



Yoozoo Games, developer and games publisher, today announced the global launch of Game's Thrones Winter is Coming ™, a real-time computer browser game, licensed by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. under license from HBO®. The game is now available in English and other languages ​​should follow.

HBO, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Yoozoo Games have collaborated to recreate Westeros on a large scale, providing a valid and immense multiplayer world, scattered across the Seven Kingdoms – including major landmarks and castles of the cult television series. The story begins immediately after the death of Eddard Stark, when the player takes his place to be a new squire of Westeros.

Developing a strategy really starts when players aim to build an impenetrable foundation, forming a beneficial army and recruiting loyal followers from a group of iconic people. As they move forward, players must continue to gain the strength, money and influence they need to save the Iron Throne.

Many of the characters of Game of Thrones are also present on the vast territory of Westeros, each with its own diverse skills, a group of soldiers and followers. Players must choose their allies wisely and recruit them for their army, in order to increase their influence and knowledge to dominate.

Players can invite their friends to raise an army and compete with the Westeros castles and scooters to defeat their castle. If it becomes a manager in the Seven Kingdom of the end, the player has the option to add his unique and recent features to sit on the Iron Throne in a more consistent manner with 39 to reign. Players can also venture out and explore 30 types of landscape and weather conditions at Westeros, with the appearance of the continent changing almost as often as governors.

In some game modes, players will be able to test their favorite moments in the series and, again, review the evolution of the Game of Thrones story. They will also be able to uncover a mysterious mystery through a variety of PvE missionaries, such as battling the frontiers against opponents of thieves and wandering murderers, in return for winning valuable prizes.

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