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What you need to know about DAB + – Channel C – Your local television in Namur Province


Since Thursday, November 15, you can listen to some of your favorite radio channels at DAB +. Yes, but what is DAB + and what will it change to you listeners? We will try to answer it.

First of all, what does DAB mean? DAB stands for " Digital Audio Broadcasting "So the radio broadcast's digital broadcast is in the air. The + # ™ s means that this is the latest version of DAB technology, which has more advantages than DAB.

Yes, but why change to DAB +?

In many years, radio stations will give the best to broadcast in FM. Radio is the only media that has not yet been converted to digital broadcasting. FM (analog) broadcasting does not allow you to enjoy the benefits of the digital world that are part of everyday life. For example, transferring text and images or expanding the program offer, as well as information services such as weather or traffic information.

dab +

In practice, what are the benefits?

The DAB + offers many advantages, namely, more & # 39; or DAB +:

  • More radios: the offer is more extensive and more diverse than FM.
  • More multimedia content: additional information on the current program is distributed in the form of texts and / or images. Depending on the radio channel, you can view the name and show, the host, its image, title and cover of the disk, or for example traffic and weather information in real time.
  • More listening comfort: Reception without interruption, especially by car, thanks to digital broadcasting technology.
  • More freedom: The DAB + is broadcast free of charge, anywhere (terrestrial broadcasting), through a network of latest generation digital transmitters. Choosing your radio is therefore completely independent, anonymous and unsubscribe or connected to the internet.
  • More Ergonomics: Finding your favorite names by name is easier and it's easier to receive with more features.
  • More environmentally friendly and healthier: the DAB + broadcast uses less power, requiring less antenna and produces less electromagnetic radiation than FM.

What are the radio channels available in DAB +?

In Brussels and Wallonia, you can already listen to DAB + all the RTBF private networks and stations: Antipod (Brussels and Walloon Dessert), Bel RTL, Classic 21, DH Radio, Radio FUN, The First, Nostalgia, Maximum FM (Liège ), Must FM (Namur a Luxembourg), NRJ, Pure, Radio Radio, Sud Radio (Hainaut), Tarmac a Vivacité. In addition to BRF 1 (radio of the German speaking community).

The coverage and number of radio radios will continue to grow in the coming months. When private radio stations receive new DAB + licenses, new radios will appear (not currently FM)

Can I listen to the DAB + radio in the car?

DAB + technology has been designed specifically for best reception when traveling. There is a great difference in comfort comfort. In Belgium, 30% of new vehicles currently have a DAB + car radio. The DAB + reception is also possible in non-equipment vehicles: all you need to do is give you a car DAB + car, or acquire an adapter that means your car is match DAB +. Contact your dealer for the best solution.

How does one look for radios?

With DAB +, you do not need to do a hand-held frequency search to listen to your radio. You will find all the programs that are available through the search function (also called scanning. The way to start search can vary from one device to another). Radios usually appear in alphabetical order. You are advised to search regularly, as some recipients do not automatically update the new stations.

How much does it cost?

As DAB + does not require an Internet connection, its acceptance is free, but you need to receive a compatible receiver. The purchase, depending on its functionality and its level of finish, must be the range of € 30 to just a hundred euros for a DAB + receiver. The price of the DAB + radio radius varies from 0 (if equipped with the car) to hundreds of euros, depending on the car model and model. DAB + is a radio broadcasting technology that does not require a subscription or connection to the internet (wi-fi, 3G or 4G), because DAB + is a broadcasting technology being broadcast independently on the internet. This is one of the advantages of being free, anonymous and available everywhere.

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