Saturday , January 22 2022

We tried the three-wheeled motorcycle: Yamaha Niken


You definitely think he's got to warm up, we know the three-wheel scooter for more than ten years or three-wheel motorcycles already exist: the trikes. Except that, unlike trikes, the two wheels are well positioned in the front, such as the Piaggio MP3 scooter and others who gave this juicy market. But what's not necessarily a scooter is necessarily for a motorcycle …

Advantage of the formula

By definition, there are two wheels on a motorcycle. Otherwise, it's a bike. And the biker does not like cycling! So Yamaha decided to talk to real bikers because the Niken asked for a motorcycle license. It is still necessary to convince them to adopt the formula. And to believe the first responses collected in the Brussels show, it was not won in advance.

Again, it can double the ground link area ahead but be beneficial. Depression is often caused by slipping the front tire. It's a lot harder to slip with the Niken, which eliminates road defects. Mud, wet boulders, tram rails, cracks in the way … She fades all this without flinching. The front restraint is a bit weird engineering and we forget we have one more wheel, as the bike is still ugly and easy to control.

Shortcomings … motorcycle!

It would be too much to say that the Niken is a perfect machine. But its shortcomings do not come to a design, except for a small drum at very low speeds or during U-tro. For the rest, we note that the saddle is a bit hard and wind protection is almost unexpected. But its three cylinder machine of 900 cc puts the smile in all circumstances. Even the price is not overlapped because if it is 4,000 euros higher than Yamaha Tracer 900, its nearest cousin, it's not more than 15,000 euros with no choice, much less sports, large paths or large roads.

And then, it looks like Transformers, and everyone does not necessarily welcome everyone. This is also the first cause of blocking cyclists … before they try it. That is why, throughout the summer, the Niken Tour has crossed Europe. During the trip in Belgium, around sixty cyclists were able to carry out a road test. Everyone we met was very proud of the machine's behavior. Everyone was getting more quiet than normal bikes. But from that to sign a purchase order, there is a step. Only the future will tell if the idea of ​​Yamaha pays. In Belgium, we expect to sell a hundred copies in 2019.

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