Sunday , August 7 2022

we tried smartphones involving photography


The P20 Pro published last year's color, Huawei's aim is to be the number 1 of the smartphone. Still behind Samsung for now, the Chinese giant is hoping this year to close the gap.
Initially in 2019, Huawei has just introduced in Paris the P30 and P30 Pro, two smart phones that special focus on photography, an area where Huawei knows it is superior. Here are two high-end models here: the prices: € 799 for the P30, euro 999 for the 128 GB P30 Pro, and 1099 euros for the P30 Pro 256 GB.
While waiting for a complete test in the next few days, here are our first impressions.

Zoom x10 and amazing night pictures

Let's start with the P30 Pro, the most ambitious smartphone in the range. His back glass will certainly surprise the fewer sports: he's four sports camera. Three of them have been housed vertically within a block on the left end of the smartphone. The fourth, less visible, is just below the LED flash, to the right. The P30 Pro is the first smartphone with a quad camera module, a year after the Pro P20, the first device launched with a triple camera module.

Beyond our interest in this multiplication of sensors, we must recognize that the P30 Pro picture score is impressed. The 40 main sensors (f / 1.6), with a lens equivalent to 27 mm, mark the launch of the "Super Spectrum" technology. Behind this naming marketing is hidden remarkable innovation, evolution of a Bayer matrix. The color filters installed between the lens and the picture sensor include red, yellow and blue and are no longer red, green and blue. Farewell RGB, hello RJB.

What is this for? Add more light. In fact, the yellow filter is smaller, significantly increasing the quality of night pictures. The brand claims that its smartphone can go up to 409,000 ISO. Quite amazing. We did some tests with the P30 Pro during the night and his pictures are excellent, with tremendous light control. More strikingly, if you take a picture in complete darkness, the final result will make the scene visible. It's like the way Night vision Pixels 3 were always operational.

The second P30 Pro camera is even more interesting, with its periscopic zoom key on f / 3.4, which equates to 125 mm (8 megapixel sensors). Practically the same as the one introduced by Oppo in Barcelona, ​​we offer an optical zoom x5 and hybrid magnification x10. In both cases, it is striking. It is impossible to stay indifferent when transferring the image to the extended version of x5. When the light conditions are good, the dive is truly amazing.
On the other hand, at the end of the day, the faces seem to have been so smooth that this periscope sensor appears to have difficulties in making the development. Still, he's the first of his kind and makes the Huawei P30 Pro a smart phone without competition from the viewpoint of the picture.

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