Friday , August 19 2022

[Update] Roman Reigns announces his return to RAW


Photo credit: WWE


In another tweet, WWE announced that Roman Reigns at RAW will not be on Monday, May 6th due to its obligations on SmackDown Live side. If this new statement is surprising as it contradicts the words of the "Big Dog", t rather, we see it as a desire to launch a big storyline that would again put Rules before the authority. Case to follow … t

Original article:

During the shake last month, Reigns Roman was designed in SmackDown Live and the former Shield member is on his way to become the star of the blue brand. The former general champion goes back on track as he is currently in an open competition with authority (Shane McMahon's individual) and will be faced with the beloved Elias to Money at the Bank t on the evening of May 19-20.

Anyway, Roman Reigns (already) will be unfaithful to SmackDown Live since he formalized his return to RAW. He announced the "Big Dog" news on Twitter and in his post, he said "accounts to settle" on the side of the red show. If Reigns is still SmackDown stars at the moment, he should show next Monday at RAW and he has a schedule close to Becky Lynch who is currently in both lists.

For now, we don't know whether it's a temporary return or permanent to RAW.

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