Monday , November 23 2020

"Unhappy to see an Olympic champion, our sports emblem, is treated as"

Nafi Thiam This Friday, at a press conference, was fed by the federation due to various issues and sponsorship events in the recent European Championships. Also following the new convention the federation wants to sign every athlete. Reaction by the Olympic champion of the heptathlon who calmens the trainer Jacques Borlée, i microphone. "I'm disappointed to see an Olympic champion, our sports emblem, treated in this way. It hurts my heart. And behind that, what bravery! How courageous is to show that there is a fundamental problem with a federation and be absolutely necessary to find solutions. You have to sit around the table with athletes and trainers. Special results are achieved through Sport Vlaanderen, ADEPS and the Olympic Committee. But there is a problem of supervision and best athletes' support. Often, we have given the Borlée family in advance to this issue, but now we realize that it is much wider. "

"Our goal is to create joy, pleasure. Try to make great results and show that you are possible"Jacques Borlée continues."Genes do not always shout for bugs. But it's so severe, it is so deep that Nafi's bravery, to say loudly and clearly, is a lifeguard for the sport. I'm surprised by the way this was said and that a top athlete needs to be worn by his federation, by this bacon. It must be respected above."

Here is the kind of behavior that can lead to sporting ambitions. "When compared to children, it's really heavy. It's not always easy, but here we're going to Glasgow (Indoor Euro) with young people who have their first choice and we do not focus on the sport when we have to manage & # 39 This stress is already huge when we reach a big competition. Here we focus on external things, it's not good at all. This is not the way we operate in high performance sports. So we need to have these structures more professional because we are getting a good help from the system, come from most public money, but there is a lot of flawlessness . We must ensure that the athletes can express themselves in the best way and continue to make the medals and pride of Belgium."

The Belgian trainer adds that there is no further dialogue between the federation and athletes. "There is a lack of full dialogue. There is no dialogue. These results are very frustrating, which are often enthusiastic about the advent of ADEPS, Sport Vlaanderen and the Olympic Committee."

What do I do now? Is it possible that some athletes decide simply and simply to cycle the next indoor euro because of this convention? "If the conditions are unacceptable, with a gun on the temple, two days before choosing, it is not possible to respond favorably. You know, we have 15 years of bottle. It is used to these critics and so we are not too exciting but I'm thinking of young people who have a huge hope to go to these European championships. These young people are very difficult to take. And we can understand that these young people sign things that are absolutely incredible and that go against the athlete's wellbeing. "

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