Sunday , October 2 2022

TPMP: a columnist insults Laeticia Dayyday and puts Cyril Hanouna on the back



Aiming to defend the rocker's widow, Jean-Michel Maire used a word that was very incredible to Baba.

Do not touch my situation Again, Monday, the tensions that reigned in the Hallyday clan were discussed again. Respond to the interview David, the son of the rocker, in
and mother
Seven to eight broadcast on TF1, the team of Cyril Hanouna expressed his fuss over Laeticia's lynching.

Unfortunately, Jean-Michel Maire did not find the right words – far from her – to protect the young girl. "He's coming out of my eyes, as soon as Laura or David talk his emotion, he is genuine and as soon as Laeticia says, they say syringe ", angry the chronicler. A very incredible way to come to Laeticia rescue that did not appreciate many of the guests of the show. Cyril Hanouna quickly accelerated his columnator and explained in more accurate words what he really wanted to express.

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