Tuesday , September 22 2020
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Tor browser officially reaches Android


Tor Browser, the web browser that relies on the devolved and anonymous network of the same name, arrives for the first time ever on smart phones running Android.

The new version of Tor Browser (8.5) is now available, including for the first time ever under Android. In 2018, a first, alpha, browser version was used under Google's mobile operating system, in the trial period, but this time we have a truly fixed version.

Clearly, the idea is to offer browser and network users the same security and anonymity on their smart phone or tablet with a computer to avoid censorship but also all monitoring equipment that may exist. While some features are missing from the computer version found, the browser is particularly safe. If Tor Browser is available on Android, it's not the same under iOS, bugging restrictions imposed by Apple.

As a reminder, Tor is based on the principle of a mixed network. This means that it contains a large number of layers of routers, all of which have been connected to Tor, like many " tnotes"The flow of information flows through it over the network, guaranteeing the anonymity of its users. Through the Tor network, the user's personal data (IP address, country) cannot be located by the sites. technically on Firefox and its various evolutions.

The Tor network has already set up for many American teens as an alternative to the US National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance. It also suffers from sulfuric reputation because it is also a gateway to the " tdarknet"and the illegal activities that are often associated with it (selling arms, drugs, etc.). t

You can download a free Tor Tor on Google Play.

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