Friday , August 12 2022

Three Netflix series should not be lost in May


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Like every month, this is our selection of three Netflix statements worth directing.

Lucifer – season 4

Having been saved by Netflix, this series was initially dissolved by the Fox after the first 3 seasons tells the story of the aka devil "Lucifer Morningstar" who, tired of being "Lord The Lower World "leaves behind his kingdom and leaves for Los Angeles is running a nightclub. One night, we witness the murder of a singer in front of his club. Then we decide to start looking for the perpetrator. It must be said that he has an advantage: Lucifer has the gift of encouraging people to reveal their deepest aspirations … What does this season 4 hold us? Whatever the rumors that the piece of Fox to Netflix has given screenwriters more freedom, especially in the views of sulfur. We can also expect to see the new features of the main character's personality who have certainly lost nothing to humor … a dialogue. To see it from 8 May.

White Gold – season 2

The British comedy television series, "White Gold" includes a team of window dealers in Essex in the early 80s. One slogan: All schemes are allowed to ensure sales to potential customers.

After being broadcast on the BBC in April, the 6 episodes of season 2 have been warmly welcomed by the English public who are already claiming season 3. His wish is allowed? Nothing is less certain at the moment but these wishes are promising about the quality of chapters available on Netflix May 17.

Good Girls – season 2

Although the program did not attract US channel audiences NBC, Good Girls on Netflix. The series tells about the adventures of three girls who, to face their financial problems, decide to steal a supermarket. The operation is a success but it will attract the attention of a crew who will push the girls to cooperate with him … t

The new 12 episodes (compared to 10 for the first season) of Beth, Annie and Ruby's adventures will be available on 31 May.

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