Sunday , July 25 2021

This N / A idea would further push a further nuclear output


The N-VA protects the ten-year extension of the nation's largest nuclear power plants. But it is also open to the construction of a new "if it is economically profitable," says the Politician politicians in their "ecorealism" booklet presented on Saturday.

The Belgian nuclear campaign could then be deferred in … 2065. On Saturday, about 800 N-VA members gathered in Gant for a morning study on the theme of energy and ecology, one of the presidents organized in election elections May 26.

If there was talk about food, waste and climate, here is the energy supply that the arguments have focused, and more specifically on the relevance of nuclear power. American Michael Shellenberger, one of the fierce nuclear power advocates, was one of the main speakers. He would only take three more plants for Belgium to produce all its electricity through nuclear power.

The N-VA challenges the departure of the nuclear power in 2025. Leaving the most recent reactors in an activity, another 10 years would keep affordable prices and save 6 million tonnes of CO2 per annum. "Give you an idea: it's like if every car was removed from the Flemish roads, all cars for 10 years," argued Anneleen Van Bossuyt, who is responsible for the collections of the congress.

According to the N-VA, the other parties do not say clearly how we could make a nuclear power. "I want to see the numbers," says the ASE while asking Groen.

"First of all, I'd like to thank the N-VA for talking in our congresses – it's advertising for free!" He said MEP Groen Kristof Calvo.

"We are taking into account N-VA's dependence on nuclear power," he said. "This study day seems to have been organized by the nuclear lobby". The scenario developed by Michael Shellenberger to open three new plants is "completely crazy," he said.

For ecologists, it can be left in the field of nuclear power in 2025 and is not inappropriate. "But we do not have to waste time, it's five minutes at midnight, but you know what it would be too expensive, build a new plant, and extend the existing power stations at a price too, investing in the future and renewable rather than in the past, "the leader of the Ecolo-Groen group in the House ended.

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