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The "yellow privileges" create a political movement for the next elections

After four days of operation in many parts of Wallonia, the exhibitors decided to go further in their approach. Their different representatives have agreed to create a political movement called the Belgian Citizens' Movement. He will be taking part in the next elections.

"I'm talking to Antonio Quattrocchi, the first to call for demonstrations in Belgium and decided," said Gilles. "It will not be a party, it will actually be a protest protest for citizens."

"Everyone wanted something after these steps and so there will be something," he said. "We will be there to carry the voice of people who are fed out, who will be switched off. Naturally, we would recommend the referendum and the demand that the citizen is at the bottom of the political mind of Belgium.

There appears to be a problem in naming the organization, as there is already a party that uses the name "Mouvement Citoyen Belge". He's been created about two years ago and he also plans to run at the next election.

Belga, his founder and president, Patrick Boland, did not have a connection with his dissatisfaction. "I am currently learning that they are considering using this name but it is not possible because we have presented it," he said. "They could have questioned."

However, M Boland did not oppose a platform. "I have nothing against them, they can contact me and we can discuss," he said.

"We did not know that a party is already using this name," said Tony Deloyer, a voter of the "yellow breeds" of Belgium. "We will consider changing a name and joining forces can also be a good answer."

"In any case, representatives of citizens who have taken on the actions of the last few days will be represented well at the next election," he said.

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