Friday , December 4 2020

The MR is going on a campaign: "The PS and FGTB would like to control Wallonia, be sure, this is the return of the past!"


Country stability, prosperity and the fight against climate change: the MR was held on the strong points of its campaign on the occasion of its first political congress in the light of the elections in May.

Before half a thousand delegates and operators gathered in UNamur, the First Minister, Charles Michel, who is also the party's president, outlining the Liberation's triptych, has said about three "pledges".

The "stability" and "strength" of the country first, which faces the threat of difference. "With us, no community crisis, not down, Charles Michel was guaranteed, echoing the strong polarization between PS and N-VA on this theme.

Prosperity, with the will to further develop employment and improve citizen purchasing power. "But this prosperity only makes sense if it is on a social cohesion service", especially to finance pensions or health insurance, he insisted.

Finally, protecting the climate, which has been at the top of the political agenda in recent months with the movement of strong citizens, and especially young people.

"Climate choice is not an option, we have to do more and better, but these actions must be carried out with severity, not by repeating incantations, jeremiations, but with concrete and quantitative proposals, "said Michel, without going to more detail.

Sometimes refusing powerful senior routes in a campaigning rally, the head of Liberals who spoke French on Sunday in Namur held any direct and leading assault of his political opponents.

The only two real bikes of this Congress are finally quite sober from Willy Borsus's mouth.

In the visual cleansing of his cdH government partner, minister-minister Walloon, first, hit Jean-Marc Nollet (Ecolo) to remember the photovoltaic bubble "that cost Wallonia two billion euros, the most expensive crisis experienced. without Wallonia ".

And then, with little surprise, the second blast was for the PS (and the FGTB) who "now makes a way and life with each other," has captured Borsus after reaching Marc Goblet on the socialist lists.

"Yfory, with each other, they would like to control Wallonia … Be careful, it's a danger to return the past!", He said.

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