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The mosquito and tiger are under close supervision – 05/05/2019


The tiger mosquito has been set up and active in all regions of Occitan region. Every year, the health authorities and their partners operate a surveillance system to reinforce it until 30 November.

The aim is to limit their implantation but also to prevent the risk of transmitting viruses can be vector (Chikungunya, dengue or zika).

In order to fight the mosquito tiger, it is: a surveillance of the mosquito populations as well as an awareness of the people who live in the areas where there are These mosquitoes are present and active. The fight against these mosquitoes and their larvae is one of the main ways to prevent the transmission of viruses.

In addition, travelers in tropical areas must be particularly vigilant if they are ill when they return, even a few days later.

In Occitania, 105 suspected cases were reported in 2018, and confirmed 34 cases of dengue and two of chikungunya. In addition, three indigenous cases of dengue fever have been reported in Guy and Hérault.

This year, people traveling in the tropics, especially on the island of Reunion where there is a controversial epidemic at the moment, must be particularly vigilant and protect themselves even after returning to mainland France (until about seven days later). ). All travelers suffering from high fever, joint pain, muscle aches, headaches, skin rashes or pneumonia are advised within seven days of returning to metropolitan France to seek medical advice promptly. by informing them of their condition. a recent trip and their place of residence.

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