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The Minister, Marguerite Blais, highlights the launch of training capsules on the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia


MONTREAL, February 22 2019 / CNW Telbec / – To provide more equipment for people who work with people with behavioral and psychological dementia (BPSD) symptoms, new online training capsules are now available. Minister responsible for Senators and Carers, Ms. Marguerite Blais, today celebrates this initiative from the University of Montreal Geriatrics University, the Center for the Integrated University Center of Health and Social Services Center, South-de-l'-Île-de-Montréal.

These learning capabilities, which are available free of charge, have been completed thanks to $ 55,000 funding from the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS). For the MSSS, it is important to train stakeholders that work closely with people with BPSD on the different issues that they face every day. In addition, following viewing capsules, participants will be able to receive training credits to meet the requirements of their professional order.

The themes are:

  • non-unconscious disorders;
  • resistance to hygiene care;
  • sexual disinhibition;
  • behavioral, repetitive and vocal behaviors;
  • sleep disorders


"I am grateful to the work of all the colleagues that have led to the realization of these most relevant capsules. Certainly these capsules will prove to be an essential tool in the development of knowledge and skills on the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia. This is a great venture. "

Marguerite Blais, The Minister is responsible for the elderly and carers


Five capsules were given online at 2016 a including the introduction to BPSD, their assessment, the basic approach, non-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical interventions. The new five capsules complement the online training program for stakeholders who work closely with these individuals.

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