Friday , August 19 2022

The AirPower passes a head on AirPods packaging


Apple didn't take advantage of a keynote speech tonight to launch it last the AirPower, after more than a year and a half stayed. y special event The day has been dedicated to services, hard to blame the builder, especially as he remembers the charging mat in memory of everyone … t At least to those who ordered the new AirPods wireless charging box!

@Chris J. Caine

On the back of the package is a charging device that looks like Apple's base. The secret device will connect to a lightning cable (or USB-C? It's hard to say). The word "AirPower" does not appear anywhere, which is rather curious; however, the product had also lost its name on the long-standing online image of the Apple website.

[MàJ le 26 à 11h15] : in fact, the "AirPower station" is mentioned on our box of AirPods received this morning.

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