Tuesday , May 24 2022

Stages and ghosts at Theatr Zingaro


CRITIQUE – Aubervilliers resumes the great show Ex Anima where Bartabas let the horses lead the scenes, without the presence or almost of the squares. A mysterious ceremony of unique beauty.

"No, they do not even need repetitions. They like dancers, as soon as they find the context, they'll remember everything," he said & 39; r director. There's a show, remember, where the man stops let the horses develop only on the track, in figures they respect insurers. Of course, sometimes, this evening, one or the other will be able to welcome in advance of action, which does not say anything to him that day. Do not forget, horses have a character!

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"My challenge, by creating an Ex Anima, was to see the horses re-do what they had to offer us in games …"

Bartabas, Director of Theater Zingaro

"We started the show in Caen for a month, after a long break of two months and, in general, they were on top," said Bartabas, still moving from horse enthusiasm. in ex Anima, they are seventy seven who play individually, or two, three, more, or a herd. "They're cool, this is the most amazing thing, they are not tired. As with all Zingaro shows, the speed was narrowed and naturally settled, but I did not change anything. My bet, by creating Ex AnimaIt was to see the horses re-do what they had offered us in games … Like real comedians who would have tried during the short ideas, displacements. "

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Meanwhile, Bartabas started his season 2018-2019 in the musician of Seine with And Rite of Stravinsky has been re-interpreted for riders of the Riding Academy of Versailles. After the performances of Aubervilliers, Ex Anima starts a long journey in France: Béziers, Montpellier, Lyon i Fourvière nights, Brest, Toulon, going through Bordeaux and Place des Quinconces where Zingaro was born. You do not have to stop losing anything in the world Ex Anima, a splendor of a moment of magic, beauty, poetry.

Ex Anima – Zingaro Equestrian Theater 176, av. Jean-Jaurès, Aubervilliers (93)

Telephone: 01 48 39 18 03

Hours: from Wednesday to Saturday at 8:30 pm, Sunday at 5:30 pm. up to 31st December

length: 1:40. seats: or € 21 to € 43

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