Friday , August 19 2022

soon the coming of the pill to man?


We are not all equal in the face of our contraception. But that could change in the coming years with the advent of a pill for men who could change many things.

We've been talking to you for some time, the men's pill is on track. This tablet to swallow every day avoids unnecessary pregnancy in women.

On track

The announcement was made in the Congress of the American Endocrinology Society, called ENDO 2019. To be baptized as “11-beta-MNTDC”, a contraceptive pill has passed. the first step before it is put on the market. This tablet will be taken orally and has dual androgenic and progestogenic activity, according to the site The doctor daily : "After metallisation to 11β-methyl-19-nortestosterone (11β-MNT), it is attached to androgen receptors and progesterone receptors, preventing the production of gonadotropin."

Pill that keeps the libido

Many men fears about the pill: "I'm afraid she'll make me sterile t"Jean-François is testimony, Alexandre is also afraid of the same thing "I'm afraid that the effects will be final."The proof that the ideas received have always had life.

However, Christina Wang, a biologist at Los Angeles Medical Research Laboratory explains: "Our findings suggest that this pill, combining two hormonal activities in one, will reduce sperm production by keeping libido."Losing libido is not so, and most importantly, the effects are obviously reversible in the same way as female contraception.

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Phase 1 was held on 40 participants

The study used 40 participants, male and healthy. For 28 days, 14 took a 200mg tablet every day, 16 daily doses of 400mg and 10 with a placebo. And the results are there: just 24 hours later, the level of testosterone much lowerand participants were not present problem impotence.

11-beta-MNTDC is the second human pill to develop so advanced, the first is dimethandrolone undermining. According to the study leaders, this method of contraception should reach the market in about ten years, so we will have to wait a bit to get there. better equality between men and women about hormonal contraception.

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