Tuesday , August 9 2022

Should vaccines be mandatory for children?


Seven out of ten Canadians believe that immunization of children against a common life threatening illness should be compulsory, according to a survey by the Angus Reid Foundation. Almost a quarter of the population believes that the decision should go to parents.

If we can only ask parents, the approval rate is up to 83%.

"There may be 17% of people with some doubt, a question about the merits of a vaccine," said Dr Karl Weiss, a microbiologist. By 2019, I would say it was a little disappointing. "

The reasons named by citizens interviewed by TVA News Thursday include fear of side effects, the amount of aluminum in doses or need that would have been created by the pharmaceutical industry.

30% of Canadians believe that scientific information about immunization is not clear.

"We are a wealthy society that's asking questions and has the opportunity to ask questions about an instrument that has already proved itself," said Dr Karl Weiss. For example, people are afraid of measles vaccine, but you must know that it can reach the brain and have very serious consequences and consequences for life that will be completely devastating to & # 39; The affected plant. "

Public health is trying to prevent new rash cases in Vancouver, where the virus forces dozens of people not vaccinated to stay at home.

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