Thursday , January 27 2022

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari): Fine, reprimand but no penalty – Brazil's Grand Prix 2018 – Formula 1


Sebastian Vettel disappears with a vehicle. I was called for a weighing early in Q2, Saturday in Grand Prix of Brazil, the driver was accused of not breaking his Ferrari engine as usual. And then down the scales by harming them.

The commissioners of the International Automobile Federation have heard German and we are doing things by analyzing telemetry and returning the scene.

So, they recognized that the quarter-quarter champion had broken an SF71H engine, even if he had not done "at the time it is usually provided by the established procedure". They also admitted that the weight could be measured, in accordance with the requirements of the regulation. "No crime found"they wrote in a statement.

On the other hand, the marshals pointed out that the pilot had cleared a cone set to give up the car, and to have taken the venture to climb on the four instruments; measure the weight of the car, a running machine, not being safe because it forces the official burst of the "brakes" panel to put away. Before closing the engine.

They also blamed him for restarting his engine to leave the scale, which could damage the scales.

As a result, the commissioners fined the 25,000 euro pilot and sent a reprimand, his first term.

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