Thursday , June 30 2022

Screenshots for Real Madrid fans


SCAN SPORTS – Real Madrid will be experiencing screenshots that will allow their supporters to lose any meetings during breaks at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

In their attempt to make the experience of a football game ever more interferent and enjoyable, European large clubs often compete with ingenuity. Although an associated stadium blooms across the continent, Real Madrid intends to innovate by installing toilets in its stadium … spin that has TV screens. These devices should enable fans to lose a pig from the meeting, especially during half-term when the public spends for amenities.

However, Real Madrid is not a precursor in this area as Leganes has already adopted this system and enclosed it from 11,000 places, Municipal Estadio of Butarque, which was established in 1998. According AS, every urine has a cost of 3,000 euros. But this device can be profitable quickly thanks to advertising. Swiss Invent Ibérica, the marketing company and this type of product, ensures that it can capture human attention that is pulled for 30 seconds. Lack of time that would easily spread ads …

These developments could be integrated, if authenticated, into the next Bernabeu Stadium which will be built in 2019 and will last for about three years. A technological game with a 360 ° panoramic screen that will cost 500 million euros.

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