Thursday , January 20 2022

Rudi Vervoort: "" It's more appropriate to create a place of dialogue or revival of the State "


Belgium Policy

Rather than considering reforming the seventh state, we have to work to establish a place of dialogue where different entities and countries can treat equally.

At least the message, in the hope of hope, is Monday for spending Minister-President Rudi Vervoort to Brussels, in front of hundreds of students from the political science faculty of the Louvain Catholic University (UCLouvain). "It's probably the ability to find an indispensable space for dialogue that reforms the sixth state, and we have not managed to find & # 39 ; The ability to find common interest among different government levels. context, Brussels is a shell in the shoe and asset because it requires different elements of dialogue, "said Rudi Vervoort, in the context of the debate on the national investment agreement.

After Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo and Charles Michel, in 2013 and 2015, and Rudy Demotte, Ministerial Presidents (Wallonia-Brussels Federation) in 2014, Paul Magnette (Walloon Region) in 2016 and Geert Bourgeois (Friary Region) in 2017, Rudi Vervoort on Thursday took possession of the teacher's desk for one day to present UCLouvain's first class class lecture.

A number of hundreds of students, mostly at BAC1 level, listened to the difficulty of making the central zone of the country living in its metropolis dimension in the Belgian institutional context.

After an institutional enclosure in its 162 km2, it was not considered in Brussels in this dimension, like other major cities of the world such as London, Lisbon or Berlin, which face the same challenges from demographic growth, urban concentration, air quality and environment, waste steam management, mobility, social exclusion, etc. "explained the Brussels president.

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