Saturday , May 28 2022

Perron: we replace the copy, first!



Magnificent action early on Thursday: the Perron is relocated Place du Marché

In its present form, the monument dates from the beginning of the 14th century … Symbolic of Liège's freedom, even the Slayer moved to a base by Charles the Bold in 1468 to & # 39 ; w took to Bruges where he was open but, ten years later he was the chief bishop of Louis de Bourbon himself who brought him back to Ardent City. Respect.

"He greeted the Liege enthusiastically and became their ancestral ballads", we were told to the Heritage cabinet early this year and Thursday, November 15, 2018, five months after its dismantling, we will finally reset it …

So, firstly, the Perron, this great heritage that was distributed to the exceptional heritage of Wallonia … Never before the Elderly was declared true, but according to experts, it came renewed or, instead, needed in place. In fact, the Carrara marble column and the Three Graces statue showed signs of ruin. At the column level, it had come "too bad and too damaged". Too even to be refurbished. It is therefore replaced by a similar copy, also from the Carrara marble. The column joined the Three Graces at Curtius Museum.

For the sculpture in fact, it was already a copy that will also be replaced by the new Carrara marble. Cost of surgery: 332,568 euros.

Do not be afraid of words, due to the outstanding nature of this heritage, the operation that takes place this morning will promise that it is spectacular as it has not published. From 6:30 am, the crane arrives at Place du Marché. It is set between 7 am and 8 am This is followed by downloading the files and installed, until 10:30.

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