Thursday , May 19 2022

Patients want to attack MSD lab


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Nanterre (AFP)

Three patients who have taken a finasteride, an anti-fungal drug (Propecia and generics), are preparing to launch a referral against MSD, at the market that labors, claiming it has unpredictable side effects, AFP said their lawyer on Monday.

This emergency procedure must be launched in the next few days in the case of the Nanterre sheep tribunal, Charles-Joseph Oudin said, confirming information from Europe 1.

In total, about sixty patients contacted a company to file MSD, a subsidiary of the Merck USA, but also against the National Medicines and Health Products Agency (ANSM) , National Office damages for medical accidents and, "in some cases, against some prescribing doctors," said Oudin.

The patients in question claim to have "serious adverse effects", physically (decrease in libido, lack of lifting) and psychic (depression that can go as far as self-suicidal risk), which has a " The "integrity of being irrecoverable, even after the prevention of treatment", according to the lawyer.

The purpose of these procedures is to obtain compensation but also to "advocate to abolish marketing authorizations" of the drug because "the positive effects of the drug do not justify the" risks it has taken. he added.

After being created in 2017, the AVFIN (Victimists of Finasteride) association collects 250 members in France, but "victims are much more numerous", certainly to # 39; The AFP is president of Sylviane Mathieu, whose son, whose finasteride has prescribed, committed suicide.

According to her, 2,000 lawsuits were filed against MSD in the United States, resulting in compensation in several cases.

"We pay the best attention to the quality and safety of our medicines, including Propecia, prescribed to millions of men since its marketing authorization," he noted. the Monday lab in a statement.

"Health authorities consider Propecia's risk of benefit risk to be favorable" and "accurate information on cases of sexual impairment and depression in the SPC" is described (summary of product characteristics), note-t -It.

Finally, MSD states that a newsletter for health professionals has been released in February "reminding that cases of sexual impairment and psychiatric disorders have been reported."

A finasteride is used for treating prostate disease. More likely to distribute, it treats allopecia in humans. The molecule works by preventing enzyme in the skin of the head and the sex organ and metabolism and the testosterone.

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