Thursday , May 26 2022

Operations & police in Namur: almost 100 people control … (Namur)


This March afternoon, a huge neighborhood of dozens of police were taken in the Godefroid street, cross-station station neighborhood. All police services were Namur on the ground with the help of the Federal Police and Customs: 98 people were regulated.

For several weeks, citizens complain to the Namur police "rallies of people with inappropriate behavior."

There is talk about drug and alcohol use in the streets, trafficking, but also insulting … This all creates a feeling of increasing uncertainty.

Many neighborhoods in the city have been targeted by this operation, which remains. But the most supported checks were made in the station area, station square and rue Godefroid. Other areas, especially in the lower part of the city, have also targeted. These are Sambre's doors, near Maison de la Culture.

Of all, about seventy agents were moved by this operation.

The federal police also came to support, especially with dog intervention that found the presence of a variety of narcotics.

More detailed results need to be communicated later this evening, but the office of prosecutor in Namur already confirms three judicial arrests, all those involved in drug trafficking.

Finally, the widespread device allowed 98 people to control. The authorities made thirteen administrative arrests and seven judicial arrests.

Difficulties were also targeted during this intervention. Urban administrative penalties were drafted.

"This is a very visible act but others, more secretly, will continue to be held regularly," already warns the police in Namur. "This message was sent this afternoon in several neighborhoods of Namur.? It's dramatically.

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